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“Synesthesia” featuring Alfredo Rodriguez and Henry Taylor

I was very fortunate to collaborate with one of the greatest artists of our decade, Blum & Poe artist, Henry Taylor, in a project we like to call #SynesthesiaSynesthesia is about the syndrome where a person sees colors, images or shapes in correspondence to the sounds they hear. We were playing colors and painting sounds; we were pushing the boundaries of what we can create and it was a great experience.

And now we’re going to take it to France! I’m very excited to collaborate with renowned French painter Vincent Corpet and Michael Olivera on drums this Tuesday, July 7th LIVE at one of my favorite music festivals, Jazz á Vienne. This will be the first time we’re doing this live! Come out and support. Looking forward to seeing you all very soon.



Review: Alfredo Rodriguez Trio at Montreal Jazz Festival



Excerpt: “Simultaneously, Alfredo Rodriguez—a leading voice among contemporary Cuban pianists—performed two stellar sets showcasing his virtuosity and unique style. Classically trained (as many Cuban musicians are), Rodriguez was mentored by Quincy Jones, who co-produced his second album, The Invasion Parade. Reflecting various influences, from traditional Cuban music to conga, guajira and Afro-Cuban jazz, Rodriguez opened with a 20-minute tour-de-force, offering the packed room a mesmerizing display of technique, energy innovation and passion, practically levitating off the piano bench with the last note, and drawing roaring applause. Having grown up watching videos documenting the music performed at this festival over the years, Rodriguez was thrilled to finally be playing here, and the audience was delighted to have him.”

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Alfredo Rodriguez Trio invades Atlanta Jazz Festival with spicy sounds of Cuba

Excerpt: “Grammy-nominated Rodriguez is the reason why people hunger for Cuban music in jazz. Every original song that trips off his fingers is a new experience in the beat, the feel, the tone on flickers of recognition, and the unpredictable. When Quincy Jones first heard this young man fly on the piano, taking his culture and his soul with him, the superstar producer moved heaven and earth to pluck Rodriguez out of the obscurity of Cuba and to the broader attention of the rest of the world.”

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