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Alfredo Rodriguez Trio invades Atlanta Jazz Festival with spicy sounds of Cuba

Excerpt: “Grammy-nominated Rodriguez is the reason why people hunger for Cuban music in jazz. Every original song that trips off his fingers is a new experience in the beat, the feel, the tone on flickers of recognition, and the unpredictable. When Quincy Jones first heard this young man fly on the piano, taking his culture and his soul with him, the superstar producer moved heaven and earth to pluck Rodriguez out of the obscurity of Cuba and to the broader attention of the rest of the world.”

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“Kaleidoscope” Premiere on REVIVE MUSIC

“Being the prolific composer that he is, Rodriguez continues to produce new material regularly. He is currently in the studio preparing an album that will be released this summer in addition to releasing a new video every week in March.”

Check out my front page premiere on REVIVE Music!


Alfredo Rodriguez Trio “Suggestion Diabolique” – Sergei Prokofiev

Music’s ability to transcend time and space always amazes me. While studying at the musical conservatory in Habana I got to learn about Sergei Prokofiev, one of the major composers of the 20th century. At 17 year old, Prokofiev wrote a collection of piano pieces that defied the lush, romantic inclinations of Russian classical music of the time. This is our interpretation of one of those pieces and one of my favorite compositions by Prokofiev titled “Suggestion Diabolique”

Had a lot of fun on this one! Please share and thank you for your support!

Alfredo Rodriguez Trio “Meteorite”

Week 2 of new music!!! I’m a huge fan of space, stars… the universe. This song is our interpretation of what a “Meteorite” would sound like if it was a song…. haha. Hope you guys enjoy!